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Established in 1995, Steel Blue is Australia’s largest and leading manufacturer of safety footwear. The company was founded by five working directors with a combined 100 years of industry experience, whose philosophy has remained simple: “We want to be the best, not the biggest.”

For more information visit http://www.steelblue.com.au/.

<h2>Safety Footwear</h2>

Safety Footwear

Steel Blue safety footwear include PORON Materials in its insoles, both for impact absorption and for odor reduction. They developed TriSole Comfort Technology, a three-layer system that uses strategically placed PORON Materails in the sole and under the peak stress areas of the foot. This unique system cushions the feet, knees, hips, and lower back from day-to-day fatigue. Because of this, Steel Blue was the first brand endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, a designation reserved for products that offer clear health benefits.