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From humble beginnings in 1923 as the Old Hickory Shoelace Company, Hickory Brands, Inc. and its 10-Seconds Division have consistently evolved into a leading manufacturer and supplier of foot care and athletic related products.

The 10-Seconds Division was originally created around the best recognized cleaners, polishes, and accessory products for the shoe care industry. 10-Seconds insoles have become the premier choice among professional teams along with many colleges and universities.


Phone: 800-438-5777

For more information visit http://www.tenseconds.com.

<h2>10 Seconds</h2>

10 Seconds

10-Seconds insoles with PORON inserts provide maximum shock absorption and cushioning.

The following 10-Seconds insoles contain PORON Performance Cushioning:

  • Pro Sport
  • Super Light
  • Arch 750
  • Arch 1000
  • Flat Foot Sport


<h2>Flat Foot Sport</h2>

Flat Foot Sport